Writing Center

writing center
The Writing Center's Peer Tutors not only tutor their peers but, in recent years, have also participated in panel discussions at the New England Writing Center's Annual Meeting .

anne kozakTo become writing tutors, students with excellent writing skills and strong interpersonal qualities must be recommended by a faculty member or tutor.

Selected students — there are currently eight — are required to take a year long course in writing and teaching which will enable them to start tutoring after the first term.

"As a tutor, I have used my skills to help students with scientific writing assignments," said Tammy McGrath '96. "Encouraging and helping students write in a scientific manner begins with conveying the message that this particular writing style — clear, concise, and logical — is a tool that they can utilize over and over again."

The Writing Center is located on the third floor of the Arts and Sciences building.



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