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College of the Atlantic Welcomes Seven New Trustees

October 8, 2005

At College of the Atlantic's annual meeting on Oct. 8, members of the board of trustees elected seven new members to join their ranks. These members are drawn from alumni and friends of the college, from year-round and summer residents of the state.

The two new alumni members are Timothy Fuller '03 and Philip Kunhardt III '77. Fuller was elected as an annual trustee, replacing Kelly Dickson '97 as president of the COA Alumni Association governing board. Dickson was elected as a regular trustee of the board. Having completed the baseline study for the Union River Watershed Coalition, Fuller now works at Healthy Acadia.

Kunhardt was one of COA's first students. With an M.A. from the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass., Kunhardt served as rector of St. Paul's Church in Ossining, NY for seven years.

 Tim Fuller  Philip Kunhardt III

He works for Kunhardt Productions, a film company producing historical documentaries. 
He is also editorial director of the International Freedom Center which was to have been in the cultural center planned for Ground Zero in New York.

 Timothy Fuller  Philip Kunhardt III                                                






Says Kunhardt, "I am excited to join a creative and brilliant group of people who all care about the high ideals that COA represents. The college has been an important part of my life, and I look forward to a new way to give back to it."

Among the fulltime residents of Maine are Eliot Coleman, William Dohmen and Charles Hewett. For more than 35 years, Coleman has been an organic farmer. His commercial market garden in Harborside is famous for its four-season capacity. Additionally, Coleman has written several books and produced the television program. Gardening Naturally with his wife, Barbara Damrosch.
Dohmen, a Bar Harbor resident, is retired from an extensive career in banking and education. He has been a professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania and Haverford College, having a Ph.D. in English literature from the University of Virginia as well as a certificate in business from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

 Eliot Coleman  William Dohmen  Charles Hewett                                                  
 Eliot Coleman  William Dohmen  Charles Hewett                                                  






His interest in the college, he says, began when he first moved to Mount Desert Island, "and discovered how many of the island's restaurants, shops and movie theaters were run by COA grads. I felt that any institution that was not only attracting but retaining in the community so many bright and industrious young folks must be doing something very right!" Dohmen is also active in Acadia Senior College.

Since 2004, Hewett has been the chief operating officer of The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor. Much earlier in his career, he served as executive director of the Maine Audubon Society. He holds a Ph.D. in natural resource development from Yale University. Hewett sees COA as a force for change for the good, saying, "through its diverse programs in interdisciplinary studies, COA is providing students with the skills and values to develop and manage the world's resources for generations to come.  Like the work we do at The Jackson Laboratory, COA offers hope that tomorrow will be better than today."

The new trustees who are summer visitors to Maine are Phyllis Anina Moriarty and Philip Moriarty (not related). Ms. Moriarty lives in Brookline, Mass. She has a Ph.D. in art history from Boston University, is a lecturer in art history at Babson College and is active in several art institutions in the Boston area. Mr. Moriarty is founder and president of Moriarty/Fox of Chicago, an executive search consulting firm. He has an extensive career in human resources and holds an M.A. from Yale University.

 Nina Moriarty  Philip Moriary COA board chairman Samuel Hamill is delighted with the new additions to the board, bringing the voting numbers to its full complement of thirty-five. He says, "The college is so very fortunate that these seven talented individuals have joined our board of trustees. They come to us with a variety of backgrounds: financial, academic, artistic and managerial. As the college grows and changes, their contributions will be invaluable."        
 Phyllis Anina Moriarty  Philip Moriarty                                                          

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