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Fiddler Bruce Molsky

America's premier fiddler comes to COA
May 12, 2006 - Gates Center

Fiddler Bruce MolskyBruce Molsky is one of the nation's top fiddlers, an artist who takes audiences on a journey from Appalachia to West Africa, drawing tunes from Eastern Europe, Ireland and beyond.

He will be playing at College of the Atlantic's Gates Center on Friday, May 12 at 8 p.m. Admission is $10. Andrew Campbell, the college's associate dean of student life, calls Molsky, "America's premier fiddle player." Opening for Molsky will be Kate Wegner, a 2004 graduate of the college, and Chuck Donnelly.

Molsky is not only a fiddle player, he is also adept on the guitar, banjo - and in voice. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune calls him "old-time music's answer to Ry Cooder - a commanding musician with a voracious appetite for traditional music styles."

Born in the Bronx, a guitar player since he was 10 years old, Molsky was in college before he took up the fiddle. Though schooled in Jimi Hendrix, as a college student Molsky longed to be a bluegrass guitarist. Then he discovered that the music he was playing was much more akin to the traditional sounds of southern Appalachia. It wasn't long before Molsky moved to Virginia to learn the music firsthand.

"The attraction for me even then was that there's an agelessness to this music," says Molsky. He also recognized how connected that music was to community. "We all play music for the same reason, it's just the language that's different," he adds. "When I play the fiddle nothing else exists and I think all musicians live for that moment when it all just comes up off the ground. You can't explain it, you can only feel it, but that moment is when you understand why you do it."

Molsky's latest solo recording is Contented Must Be, released in April 2004. His Poor Man's Troubles won a 2001 "Indie" award for best traditional folk recording. For information or tickets to the performance of Bruce Molsky, along with Katie Wegner and Chuck Donnelly, call 288-5015, ext. 305.




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