Josh Winer (lecturer)

Courses Taught

AD4021Analog Photography: B&W

As digital photography became affordable and proliferated, many business models, critics and artists themselves spoke about the final death of traditional, so called "wet" photography. Film was supposed to be dead, once and for all. But film wasn't quite ready to die, and even as the economy and common practice has shifted largely to digital capture, film and photographic paper are still being produced and consumed, albeit on a different scale. This course is an introduction to traditional analog darkroom processes and manual camera operation. Students will gain a basic understanding of black and white photography through exercises and assignments that emphasize fundamental camera and darkroom skills including: proper metering, evaluating quality of light, elements of composition, good negative making and evaluation and good print making and evaluation. Work will be critiqued and evaluated based on both technical and aesthetic merit in a class critique format. Readings will be assigned in conjunction with course content. 

Level: Intermediate/Advanced. Prerequisites: Intro to Photography or permission of instructor.  Class limit: 8.  Lab fee: $250.  Meets the following degree requirements: ADS

AD2020History of Photography

This introductory course charts the history of photography from early nineteenth-century nascent technologies (Daguerreotypes and Tintypes) through to the diverse range of photographic media currently practiced by contemporary artists and photographers (Film and Digital).  In this art history course, we will consider how the new visual discourse of photography was informed by both technological and social developments.  Photography cannot be defined as a unified medium; therefore, this course investigates both discontinuous as well as coalesced conventions within its own history; in other words, how and why photographs look different from each other.  In addition to noting external influences upon the photographic object, we will explore how photography helped to shape a variety of visual disciplines from painting to zines.  Accordingly, our class will discuss formal photographic syntax (how they are composed and the forms they appear represent) and allied aesthetic practices as well as the wider social and political issues that influenced the content of its visual culture.  We will study how artists use photographic practices in the context of social and activist functions to examine a diversity of subjects: gender and class, ethnic and national identity, among others; and, how categorical distinctions between mass culture and avant-garde art, commercial and fine art photography are not always stable.  Course readings include writings by historians, artists, and critics that reflect the unstable status of the photographic object within the intersections of science, technology and culture, aesthetic discourse and everyday documentation.  We will look at many photographs.  Students will be evaluated on their participation in class discussions, short essay assignments, and a final project or paper.

LEVEL: Introductory/Intermediate. PREREQUISITES: none.  CLASS LIMIT: 12.  LAB FEE: $30.  Meets the following degree requirements: HY, AD

AD1026Introduction to Photography

Photography is a common language spoken across cultural, economic and geographical boundaries used in new gathering, commerce and fine art.  Being able to use the camera as an effective tool for self expression or in the pursuit of a documentary project is a skill which is applicable to a large number of COA students.  A broad introduction to photography and digital printing,  this course will introduce the principles and applied techniques of contemporary photographic practices.  Designed to put the student in charge of their camera, we'll begin with basic camera controls such as aperture and shutter speed and progress on to more advanced topics such as the proper use of 'flash'.  Also covered will be an introduction to Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Lightroom as well as good printing practices in a digital environment. Students will be evaluated on the quality of finished prints included in a final portfolio, their participation in class exercises and critiques and individual growth over the course of the term.  

Level: Introductory. Prerequisites: none. Lab Fee: $110.  Class Limit: 13.  Meets the following requirements: ADS

AD1021Photographic Syntax: Visual Seminar

Contemporarily, we know that photography functions to inform or misinform, persuade or propagandize but the power of the still image to hold our gaze does not, by itself, seem to be diminishing; we still expect and rely upon images to tell stories and document events, give voice to fine artists and simultaneously sell products, looks and lifestyles. This is a seminar course designed to elicit discussion and critique around an evolving personal project. Students will work to refine technical skills and work on a personal style to build a small but cohesive body of work. Emphasis will be on defining a project with a specific intent, audience and outcome and aligning it with the individual maker's personal history, interests and skill level. A combination of one-on-one instruction, seminar style discussion and group critique will be employed along with open lab time for technical problem solving. All methods and image making techniques are welcome. Some reading will be expected.

Level: Introductory. Class Limit:13.  Lab fee: $110.  Meets the following degree requirements: AD

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