Alumni Profiles

Ned Ormsby '91

Project Coordinator, Lithic Construction


Home state: New York
Senior project: Media and the Environment: Voicing Opposition to the Applied Energy Service Harriman Cove Project
Internships: Research Intern for Canadian Wildlife Federation, Ottawa, Canada; Education Assistant Onboard the Clearwater on the Hudson River, NY

Ned works as a project coordinator at Lithic Construction, a company which specializes in both historical restoration and the construction of ecologically sustainable homes.

Why did you choose to attend COA, and what kept you here?

I wanted to get out of New York City and was looking for an education that would focus on environmental education and policy. Once I visited COA I knew it was the school for me.    

What was the most valuable skill you gained while at COA, and how does it influence your career today?

The most valuable skill that I learned while at COA was how to work in and with a community to effect change.    

What was your favorite class at COA? Why?

Environmental Law and Policy with Ken Cline was by far my favorite.  I took the class in Ken's first year at COA and I remember it was one of the first classes that I really "got it." I started pulling my education into focus after that.

Please describe one of your most meaningful experiences at COA.

I have too many to incredible experiences to list them all, but one that sticks in my mind and was a really great introduction to COA was in the first week of school. I was biking on the carriage roads and I caught up to [a former professor] who was running on the trail. We stopped to have a conversation about the upcoming class I was taking with him and how I was getting along.  Coming from New York City where you never ran into a teacher after school, never mind have a conversation outside of class, I realized that I had a new family.

Why is a COA education still relevant - both in your own career and for current students?

COA is relevant in so many ways it's hard to list them all.  I still have a profound concern for the environment and work every day to make connections with people who can help bring about change in the building industry and the local environmental community.  COA empowered me to try to make a difference in the world.

Is there anything else you want to make sure others know about COA?
COA is a life changing experience.