Third and Fourth Grade

Amazing Adaptations

Explore how plants and animals survive—from the ever-changing intertidal, to the treetops of the forest, to the grassy wetlands and rushing streams. Come with an observant eye as we experience what adaptations are and how they suit species to different habitats. Mimic the senses, structure, and locomotion that allow creatures to get through their day. Play games, craft animal puppets from found objects, and sing songs!

June 22 – June 26
5-Day Session: $240 Local / $275 Non-Local

Aquatic Odyssey

Splash around the aquatic ecosystems of MDI while learning about the plants and animals that make their home there. Hunt for crabs and sea urchins in the tide pools, learn to identify and press sea weed, and discover hidden beaches and coves on MDI’s coastline. Follow the gurgling current of streams and float on the still surface of a pond. Enjoy fun games, scavenger hunts, and crafts too!

June 29 – July 10 [* We will not meet on July 3rd.]
2-Week Session: $400 Local / $430 Non-Local

Bug World

Take a closer look at the billions of little lives that surround us.  On your skin, beneath the soil, under tree bark, or along the shoreline—it is inevitable we will come across a six, eight, or hundred-legged friend. Some bugs we have learned to work with while many others make our skin crawl.   With magnifying glass in hand, see another side of the insects with which we share our world.  Bees, wolf spiders, roly-polys, butterflies, crabs, ladybugs, slugs, and lobsters are just a few of these bizarre animals you might encounter.

July 13 – July 16
4-Day Session: $200 Local / $235 Non-Local

Handmade Harvest

Gather wild treats in the forest, fields and sea! Visit and pick in blueberry barrens, dry dulse seaweed and wild herbs, and experiment with delectable recipes from your foraging bounty. Use your findings to make balms, baskets, and fragrant candles. Compile a handmade field guide to archive your edible harvest for future adventures. Swim and explore along the way!

July 20 – July 30
2-Week Session: $400 Local / $430 Non-Local

Animal Abodes

Build forts, nests and boroughs while learning about how animals make their own unique homes. Visit active and abandoned beaver lodges and see how humans and other animals use the materials of the natural world to build their dwellings. From beehives to birdhouses—come explore and construct the structures creatures call home. Games, papier mâché art, and songs, too!

August 3 – August 7  [Full]
5-Day Session: $240 Local / $275 Non-Local

Farm To Fork

To the farm we go! Get your hands dirty in the ground, harvest seasonal veggies, prepare farm-fresh lunches, and quack with the ducks, while getting a glimpse of our local food system through fun days spent at Beech Hill and other island farms. Learn about the natural history of many edible crops, play games, make vegetable art, enjoy a refreshing swim, and plant a seed of wonder this summer exploring how your food goes from farm to fork.

August 10 – August 13
4-Day Session: $200 Local / $235 Non-Local


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