Student Health Insurance

All full-time, matriculated students are required to have health insurance while enrolled at College of the Atlantic. Students must verify that they have other adequate health insurance coverage in order to waive automatic enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan.

If you currently have health insurance coverage, it is your responsibility to determine that it meets or exceeds the coverage available through the COA Student Health Insurance Plan. Often a student covered by a parent's plan at home, will have limited or no benefits while at college or while away in other parts of the U.S. or in a foreign country. When reviewing your current medical insurance coverage, be sure it provides access to care in the State of Maine, and provides comprehensive coverage, extending beyond emergency care to include physician and hospital services. Students wishing to supplement their existing coverage by remaining on the COA Student Health Insurance Plan may do so.

The COA Student Health Insurance Plan has been developed especially for COA students and functions as a major medical plan.

For additional information about the policy, please visit Cross Agency.




If you required additional assistance with the COA Student Health Insurance Plan, please contact Lauren Rupp, Coordinator of Wellness & Campus Engagement at or 207-801-5671.

Premium Cost

  • Fall Term: $2,190
    (coverage from 8/15/14-8/15/15)
  • Winter Term: $1,480
    (coverage from 1/1/15-8/15/15)
  • Spring Term: $1,115
    (coverage from 3/22/15-8/15/15)

submitting a claim

In the event of an injury or sickness, students should secure an insurance claim form online and complete it according to the directions on the form. Only one claim form needs to be submitted for each Accident or Sickness. Bills must be received by the Company within 90-dyas of service or as soon as reasonably possible to be considered for payment.

To submit a claim, click here.

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