Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Grades

En Plein Air

Follow in the footsteps of the Hudson River school artists and let the island inspire your creativity.  Hike watercolors and easels to the edge of the sea. Paint with natural pigments, capture a moment in a photo, and sculpt with clay, wood, and seashells.  Take in the vistas, stop for a swim along the way, and experience the joys of making art “in the open air.”

June 22 – June 26
5-Day Session: $240 Local / $275 Non-Local

Mount Desert Island's Marine Resources

summer programsLong before the first Basque ships came into the gulf of Maine—drying cod and sending it back to Europe—Wabanaki people came to MDI to harvest shellfish and escape the black flies of the northwoods. Their shell middens still remain while weirs, canneries and a booming fishing community have come and gone. Yet many still make a living from the sea.  Discover the bounty that our salty waters still have to offer as we fish for mackerel, visit local shellfish aquaculture, pull up lobster traps, and harvest seaweed. Explore some of the conservation efforts, policy, and research being done here to ensure the vitality of our bays.
*This session will culminate with a one-night camping excursion to Thomas Island on July 9th.

June 29 – July 10  [*We will not meet July 3rd.]
2-Week Session with one overnight: $410 Local / $440 Non-Local


summer programsToday about 118 miles of marked trails meander through Acadia National Park, but at its peak there were nearly 270 miles.  Tie on your hiking boots and let’s search out some of these lost trails with compasses and historic maps!  Climb overgrown, moss-covered granite staircases to vistas and views that are rarely seen by hikers today. Stop for a swim and learn about some of the accompanying cultural and natural history along the way.

July 13 – July 16
4-Day Session: $200 Local / $235 Non-Local

Woods & Wilderness

Spend a week exploring the ecology, arts, and conservation of MDI and Penobscot bay, then head north into the Maine woods to seek out some of the last remain wilderness on this side of the states. Discuss the history of the Wilderness Act while experiencing the wild woods & waters as we backpack* along the Penobscot River's headwaters. Visit the proposed North Woods national park, swim in crystal clear lakes, learn primitive skills, and look over millions of acres of forest from mountain peaks. Keep your eyes peeled for moose and bear!
*This session includes an overnight backpacking trip from July 27th –July 30th.

July 20 – July 30
2-week session with week-long overnights: $450 Local / $480 Non-Local

Downeast Rivers

The watersheds of coastal Maine have defined the landscape since the retreat of the glaciers. They have shaped and fed human communities for thousands of years. In this unique series of adventures, we will spend a week exploring the nearby watersheds of Frenchman and Union Bay with day trips from COA, followed by a second week of exploration and camping in Downeast Maine*.  Throughout the session, participants will learn to proficiently paddle canoes, understand the significance of salmon in Downeast rivers by visiting hatcheries and riverscapes, explore blueberry agriculture, and work with organizations such as Frenchman Bay Conservancy. Through our interactions with people and places, we will begin to understand the region's unique watershed communities, the importance of its health, and have fun along the way!
*This session includes an overnight canoe trip from August 10th – August 13th.

August 3 – August 13
2-week session with week-long overnights: $450 Local / $480 Non-Local


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