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Internships & Career Services

Internships & Career Services

As part of the requirements for a BA in human ecology, students must complete a 400-hour, off-campus internship. An internship is a practical experience in applying academics to the world of work and gives students the opportunity to explore career options. An internship should expose students to the following:

  • Making decisions regarding career options
  • Marketing themselves to potential employers
  • Carrying out the duties and responsibilities of a job
  • Participating as part of a larger community work force
  • Bringing those new perspectives back to campus to share with classmates and faculty
  • Reflecting on how the internship experience relates to human ecology

Students gain practical experience by taking on the responsibilities of a full-time job where they acquire skills other than those learned in the classroom. Although students may choose a credit or noncredit internship, all students must: 

  • Submit a proposal outlining not only the goals of the internship but also how the internship relates to the student's career goals
  • Write a report assessing the internship, listing new knowledge gained, and showing its relevance to human ecology
  • Give a 10-minute presentation to the community.

Internships for either credit or noncredit require a full-term enrollment off campus. Students completing the internship for credit pay the same tuition as  they would for three courses since for-credit internships count as enrollment. Students opting to complete a noncredit internship pay no tuition. Although in both credit and noncredit internships students must work at least 400 hours, many report working considerably more than 40 hours a week, and this 400 hours does not include the time it takes to research potential internships, write a proposal and final report, and develop a presentation.

Recent Internship Sponsors

  • Acadia National Park
    Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Fringe Festival
    Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Health Clinic of Greater Cleveland
    Cleveland, Ohio

  • The Jackson Laboratory
    Bar Harbor, Maine

  • Peregrine Hacking Project
    Boise, Idaho

  • Quebec Labrador Foundation
    Ipswich, Massachusetts

  • South-Central University for Nationalities
    Wuhan, China

  • Teton Science School
    Cody, Wyoming

  • Tilbury House Publishing
    Gardner, Maine

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