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Nancy Evelyn Andrews

Nancy Evelyn Andrews
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nancy andrewsNancy Evelyn Andrews lives on the coast of Maine, where she makes films, drawings, props and objects. She works in hybrid filmic forms combining storytelling, documentary, puppetry, and research. Her characters and narratives are synthesized from various sources, including history, movies, popular educational materials and autobiography. Her work has been presented by the Museum of Modern Art, Pacific Film Archive, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, Jerusalem Film Festival, Flaherty Seminar, Nova Cinema Bioscoop, Brussels, Belgium, and Taiwan International Animation Festival, among others; and is in the film collection of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and six of her films are in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. She has been the recipient of grants and fellowships from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, LEF New England Moving Image Fund, Illinois State Arts Council, The Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art (supported by the Jerome Foundation and New York State Council on the Arts), and National Endowment for the Arts. She studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received a Master of Fine Arts in 1995, and her undergraduate studies were at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, BFA, 1983.

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Courses Taught

AD5013Advanced Projects: Art Practice and Concepts

This course is designed for students who have taken at least two previous arts and design related courses and are prepared to pursue an in-depth project. This seminar combines academic study and studio work, and explores theory and practice related to various visual arts disciplines. The course will provide individual guidance and group critiques for students from various disciplines to meet, present and discuss their work.  Contemporary critical issues are addresses through readings, screenings/slides and discussions.  We will explore how an artist builds a body of work, and discuss working processes and issues in art and society.  The course will include field trips and visiting artists, when available and pertinent. Students will be evaluated on their progress towards their goals, and participation in discussions and critiques.   Students may work in video, painting, photography, installation, sculpture, 2-D, or hybrid forms, but students should already have the basic skills required for their chosen project(s).

Level: Advanced.  Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.  Class limit: 12.  Lab fee: $100.  Meets the following degree requirements: ADS


This course explores animation as a form of creative expression, experimentation and personal vision.  Various techniques, such as drawing, cut-out, painting on film, and under-the-camera collage, will be introduced.  Students will create flip-books, video pencil tests and 16mm animated films.  Students will be given exercises and assignments that guide them through processes for making art.  Various artists' animated films will be screened and discussed.  History and concepts related to animation and film will be introduced through screenings, readings and discussions.  

Level: Intermediate.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Art and Design, 2-D Design or Signature of Instructor.  Lab fee: $50.  Class Limit: 12.  Meets the following degree requirements: ADS

AD5017Animation II

The class further develops ideas, skills, and animation projects through a mix of: in-class projects/demos/skill based activities, readings, discussions, screenings, presentations,   and individual meetings with the instructor.  Students will write a production plan that will serve as an outline of each student’s project(s) for the term. The instructor will provide useful activities, information, resources, critiques and guidance.  A schedule of presentations of student works-in-progress will be created. Readings will address ideas and theories related to animation studies and processes.  Advanced animation techniques may include camera work and sound design. Work completed over the term may be a single longer animation or a series of animated shorts depending on the student’s preference and animation goals.  However, all students will be expected to produce advanced level work and encouraged to experiment and push their work to the highest level.   Students will be evaluated on their projects, participation in critiques and discussions and overall level of engagement with the course material and class.

Level: Advanced.  Lab fee: $80.  Pre-requisite: Animation, signature of instructor.  Class size: 12   Meets the following degree requirements: AD    

AD3015Art of the Puppet

Puppetry is the art of designing, constructing, and operating puppets, usually for an audience.  A puppet is an articulated figure controlled by external means.  Puppets have been used for entertainment, education, therapy, spectacles and social/political demonstration.  This course will explore both the construction and use of puppets, investigate the theory, history and practice of puppetry, and seek out the role and potential of puppets.  Various types of puppets will be made, including hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets, and large scale puppets.  Students, individually and in collaboration, will create both original and adapted scripts and scenarios for their puppets, exploring relationships between text, story, character and movement of the puppet.  In addition to live work, students may choose to develop puppets for use within film, video or multimedia projects. The course will include readings on puppetry, screenings, presentations, demonstrations, and group discussions.  Students will be evaluated on 1) participation in class discussions and exercises, 2) quality and effort demonstrated through projects/presentations  and, 3) understanding and study of readings and screenings as demonstrated in discussions and projects.

Level: Intermediate.  Recommended pre-requisite: at least one of the following:  Intro to Art and Design, 2-D Design Studio, 3-D Design, Performance Art or The Sculptural Object in Performance.  Class limit: 12.  Lab fee $30.  Meets the following degree requirements: ADS

AD3012Documentary Video Studio

A documentary video or film purports to present factual information about the world.  A documentary may take a stand, state an opinion, or advocate a solution to a problem.  A documentary may function in the realm of art.  Documentaries may compile images from archival sources, interview testimonies about social movements or events, record an ongoing event "as it happens", or synthesize these and other techniques.  We will look at various documentaries both historic and contemporary, and a number of strategies and styles, including; video diaries/autobiographical works, cinema verite, propaganda, documentary activism, nature documentaries, and experimental genres.   Students will learn the basics of video production, including, using a video camera, video editing, production planning, lighting, microphone use, and interview techniques. Students will make several documentary projects, both collaboratively and individually.  Students will be evaluated on their participation in group discussions and critiques, and on the documentary projects they produce.

Level: Intermediate.  Prerequisite: any introductory level arts and design studio course or film history course (previous video production experience is not required). Lab fee: $30. Class limit: 12.  Meets the following degree requirements: ADS

AD1019Four-Dimensional Studio

This class gives students an opportunity to investigate time-based art.  4-D art draws on the vast and varied traditions of theatre, dance, media, and music, often crossing boundaries to create hybrid works.  This course will focus on concepts and processes related to representing and experiencing events that take place in time.  Strategies for planning, proposing, and producing work individually or collaboratively will be discussed and practiced.  Some class periods will be workshop in style, and include physical and vocal exercises and improvisations.  The course will include basic instruction and use of video cameras and sound recording devices.  A majority of the learning in this studio course will happen as students make projects and reflect on their work and the work of others.  Documentation and information about contemporary and historic time-based art will be presented.  Students will be evaluated based on imaginative exploration of ideas and materials, extent and depth of work processes and research, completion of assigned projects, and participation in class discussions.

Level: Introductory.  Lab Fee $30.00. Class limit: 12. Meets the following degree requirements: AD

AD4012Intermediate Video: Studio and Strategies

This course explores more sophisticated forms of image making, editing, and theory. Students screen and discuss documentary and video art works, and study writing/criticism in the field, focusing on moving image theories, concepts, strategies, and a wide range of aesthetic concerns. The class will engage in various aspects of production and approaches to cinematography, sound and editing/compositing.  Participants work on a project-oriented basis that includes critiques and training in video production skills. Students should be both self-directed and interested in developing a support system for producing each other's work. Students will be evaluated based on video projects (fiction or non-fiction), critical writings, class participation and presentations.    

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.  Pre-requisites: Documentary Video Studio, or Introduction to Video Production.  Class limit: 12.  Meets the following degree requirements: ADS

AD460Journeys in French Film

This course will use the theme of the journey to select French language films for study that span the history of filmmaking-from The Lumiere Brothers, Georges Meilies, Chris Marker, Agnes Varda, and Jacques Tati to films of the 21st century. We will use these films to study the ideas of crossing cultures and geographies (real or imagined). Students will choose a director or sub-theme that they wish to research and present-either as a presentation or a project; and students will write on topics related to the films presented in the course and other films of their choosing. We will use the film study collections at College of the Atlantic and at CAVILAM, as points of departure and discovery. Various readings will accompany the films that are presented. Students will be evaluated on their participation in discussions, on the expression of their research projects, and on several short response papers. Level: Intro/intermediate. Prerequisites: permission of instructor; this course is intended to complement a term of language and film study in Vichy, France. Class limit: 12

AD4020Object and Performance

Objects have long been significant elements in ritual, dance, theatre and performance art; they might be props, body extensions, idols and avatars. Taught in a workshop format, this course will explore a variety of techniques from traditional theatre arts, as well as sculptural ideas that can be integrated into performance. Goals will be to gain a deeper understanding of the power of objects in a performative context; to experiment with a variety of building techniques; to practice, create and refine personal and found objects as art; to explore an object's potential to spark narrative, illustrate relationship dynamics and fuel theatrical action. We'll also study the use of objects in connection with certain forms of performance training and creative collaboration strategies.  The course will provide an historic context of objects in performance and will utilize improvisational exercises, personal writing, movement and bodywork. Class topics may include: relationship, scale, sound, duration, repetition, archetype and viewer participation/performance. Evaluation will be based on attendance, participation in all group projects, in-class assignments and discussions, demonstrated understanding and mastery of basic skills through the creation of projects, timely completion of all assignments and readings and effective participation in class critiques. 

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.  Prerequisites: Movement Training (I or II) or 3D studio, or permission of either instructor.  Class limit: 12.  Lb fee: $50.  Meets the following degree requirements:  ADS


Soundscape may be defined as an environment of sound (or sonic environment) with emphasis on the way it is perceived and understood by the individual, or by a society. It thus depends upon the relationship between the individual and any such environment. The term may refer to actual environments, or to abstract constructions such as musical compositions and tape montages, particularly when considered as an artificial environment. In this interdisciplinary course we investigate a broad range of acoustic concepts, ranging from a scientific treatment of the nature and behavior of sound both in air and underwater, the biology of hearing, the use of sound by animals in communication, and the cultural applications of sound and music in human society. Students will explore methods of composition using sounds as materials for assigned projects. Various approaches to understanding and experiencing sound will be examined, including spoken word, radio shows, music, and experimental forms. Labs will focus on understanding the nature of sound, and practical application of sound equipment, technique and theory. Students will learn about microphones, sound recording, amplification, and the physics of sound. The course will culminate in a performance to the community of student presentations that expresses the wide use of sound as part of our culture. Evaluation will be based on class participation and a set of assignments, including a final project. Emphasis will be placed on an artistic interpretation of soundscape, although students will be expected to have a basic understanding of the scientific basis of acoustic phenomena.

Level:  Intermediate.  Prerequisites: One AD and one ES course. Class Limit: 12.  Lab fee $60.   Meets the following degree requirements: ADS

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