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John Anderson
Zoology, Behavioral Ecology, Anatomy, and Physiology
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Molly Anderson
Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture
(207) 801-5729
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Nancy Evelyn Andrews
Performance Art and Video Production
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Jodi Baker
Performing Arts, Theatre
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Elmer Beal
Ethnology, Anthropological Theory and Traditional Music
(207) 801-5702
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Rich Borden
Environmental Psychology, Personality and Social Development, Contemporary Psychology, and Philosophy of Human Ecology
(207) 801-5722
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Heath Cabot
(207) 801-5734
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Colin Capers (lecturer)
Writing and Composition, Film Studies
(207) 288-5015 ext. 5811
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William Carpenter
Literature, Creative Writing, Comparative Mythology, and Maine Coast History and Architecture
(207) 801-5704
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Don Cass
Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics
(207) 801-5707
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Ken Cline
Public Policy and Environmental Law
(207) 801-5719
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Catherine Clinger
Art History, Studio Art
(207) 801-5733
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Dru Colbert
Graphic Design, Three Dimensional Art and Design; Museum Issues, Practice, and Interpretation
(207) 801-5708
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John Cooper
Music Fundamentals, Aesthetics of Music and Improvisation
(207) 801-5706
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J. Gray Cox
Social Theory, Political Economics and History
(207) 801-5712
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Anna Demeo (lecturer)
Physics, Mathematics
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Dave Feldman
Physics, Mathematics
(207) 801-5709
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Jay Friedlander
Socially Responsible Business, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Business
(207) 801-5716
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Sarah Hall
Earth Science, Geology
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Helen Hess
Invertebrate Zoology, Biomechanics
(207) 801-5713
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Ken Hill
Education, Psychology
(207) 801-5630
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Anne Kozak
(207) 801-5701
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Todd Little-Siebold
History, Latin American Studies
(207) 801-5726
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Gordon Longsworth
Geographic Information Systems
(207) 801-5677
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Isabel Mancinelli
Community and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture
(207) 801-5714
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Jamie McKown
Government and Polity
(207) 801-5718
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Ernie McMullen
(207) 801-5720
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Suzanne R. Morse
Applied Botany, Plant Ecology, and Tropical Studies
(207) 801-5724
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Karla Pena (lecturer)
Spanish Language
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Chris Petersen
Marine Biology, Evolution, Field Ecology, and Policy
(207) 801-5705
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Nishanta Rajakaruna
Botany, Evolutionary Ecology
(207) 801-5731
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Stephen Ressel
Vertebrate Biology, Comparative Animal Physiology, and Herpetology
(207) 801-5723
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Doreen Stabinsky
Agricultural Policy, International Studies, and Global Environmental Politics
(207) 801-5710
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Candice Stover (lecturer)
Writing, Literature
(207) 288-5015 ext. 5815
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Scott Swann (lecturer)
Ecology, Natural History, and Ornithology
(207) 288-5015 ext. 5892
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Bonnie Tai
(207) 801-5703
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Davis F. Taylor
Neoclassical and Ecological Economics
(207) 801-5711
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Sean Todd
Marine Mammalology, Biology, and Oceanography
(207) 801-5725
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Katharine Turok (lecturer)
Writing and Composition, World Literature
(207) 288-5015 ext. 5812
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Netta van Vliet
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John Visvader
Philosophy of Science and Technology, Philosophy of Nature, Cosmology, History of Ideas, and Chinese Philosophy
(207) 801-5715
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Karen Waldron
19th and 20th Century American Literature, Minority, Cultural and Feminist Theory
(207) 801-5727
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Josh Winer (lecturer)
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Adjunct Faculty

Joanne Alex

Ron Beard
Community Planning and Decision Making

Michael Bennett
World Percussion

Pete Berquist

Ryan Bouldin
Chemistry, Mathematics
(207) 801-5732

Melita Brecher
Sculpture, Papermaking

Earl Brechlin

William Buyers-Basso
Museum Studies, Taxidermy

Tom Cheetham
Philosophy, Geology, and Entomology

Lucy Creevey
Political Science

Fran Day
Non-profit Management, Grant Proposal Writing

George DeWolfe

Matthew Drennan
Ornithology, Polar Studies

Katherine Frank

Christine Heinz

Sue Hersey
Elementary Education

John Jacob

Tora Johnson
GIS, Marine, Environmental, and Nautical Science

Etta Kralovec
Educational Philosophy

Christa Little-Siebold
Cultural Anthropology, Gender and Power, Anthropology of the Yucatan

Owen Logue
Adaptive Education, School and Society

Fred Olday
Botany, Plant Science

Ron Poitras

Siobhan Ryan

Kelly Sanborn

Lucy Bell Sellers

Josie Sigler

Jeremy Ward

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Faculty Associates

Sarah Day

Debbie Greene

William Hathaway

Brian Hoey

Patricia Honea-Fleming

Robert W. Kates

Craig Kesselheim

George Kidder III

Susan Lerner

Beverly Paigen

Marion Stocking

David Towle

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Research Associates

Kim Chater
Research: Humpback Whales of the Southern Hemisphere

Jorge DeLeon
Research: Conservation Biology of Coastal Wetlands in Uruguay

Dan DenDanto
Research: Population Biology of Fin Whales Using Genetic Techniques

Kate Devlin
Research: Island Research Center, Research on Breeding Biology of Sea Birds

John Drury
Research: Investigations on Breeding Biology of Sea Birds of Maine Islands

Linda Gregory
Research: Acadia National Park Resource Inventory and Investigation, Coastal Biology

Tanner Harris
Research: Studies the Effects of Air Pollutants on Plant Growth and the Role of Urban Trees in Improving Air Quality. Botanical work includes lichen and vascular plant surveys on serpentine and other metal-contaminated soils in Maine.

Jeffery Kahl
Research: Water Resources and Watershed Research

Julianne Kearney

Christopher Kroot
Research: Computer Science and Integration of Geographic Information Systems Into Environmental Protection

Alan Mainwaring
Research: Computer Science and Wireless Network Monitoring of Habitats

Gale McCullough
Research: Life Histories of Individually-Identified Harbor Seals in the Gulf of Maine

Jennifer Rock
Research: Zoology and Evolutionary Biology

Sally Rooney
Research: Vascular Plant Flora of Acadia National Park

Rosemary Seton
Research: Photo-Identification Studies of Humpback Whales

Carol Slocum
Research: Behavior Observation of Harbor Seal Populations

Peter Stevick
Research: Population Biology of Humpback Whales

Greg Stone
Research: Investigations on Baleen Whales and Dolphins of the Southern Hemisphere; Use of Submersibles and Night Vision Technology for Marine Mammal Studies

Jill Weber
Research: Vascular Plant Flora of Acadia National Park

Ann Zoidis
Research: Photo-ID & Genetic Sampling of Gulf of Maine Humpbacks & Finbacks; Acoustic Studies of Hawaiian Humpbacks and Pelagic Species

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Faculty Emeritus

JoAnne Carpenter
Art, Painting, Art History

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