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COA Hosts Amory Lovins

Energy Expert Talks on Winning the Oil Endgame
August 6th, 2005 - Gates

The next industrial revolution is going to be about winning the oil endgame, declares world-renowned energy expert, Amory Lovins.

A physicist known for his impeccable insight into global energy issues, Lovins will be giving a talk at College of the Atlantic's Amory LovinsGates Center at 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 6. This talk, "Winning the Oil Endgame: A Roadmap for Getting off Oil Profitably" is sponsored by COA's Center for Applied Human Ecology and The Natural Resources Council of Maine.

Called by Newsweek Magazine "one of the Western world's most influential energy thinkers," Lovins rose to prominence during the oil crises of the 1970s when he challenged conventional supply-side dogma. Though only in his twenties at the time, Lovins urged the United States to follow what he called a "soft energy path." Controversial as his ideas were, they were eventually accepted by the energy industry.

In a review of Winning the Oil Endgame, Time Magazine called it, "one of the best analyses of energy policy ever produced." A recent article following up on that publication appeared in the March/April edition of the Ripon Forum. Writes Lovins, "The United States can eliminate its oil dependence and revitalize its economy, not by passing federal laws, taxing fuels, biasing markets, subsidizing favorites, mandating technologies, limiting choices or crimping lifestyles, but by adopting smart business strategies. If government steers, not rows, then competitive enterprise . . . can turn the oil challenge into an unprecedented opportunity for wealth creation and common security."

Lovins is the author of numerous books, including Natural Capitalism, written with Paul Hawkin and L. Hunter Lovins and published in 1999 by Little, Brown and Company. In it, Lovins discusses the basis of the nonprofit entrepreneurial organization he helped found, Rocky Mountain Institute, which "fosters the efficient use of resources to create security, prosperity and sustainability." RMI further stresses the importance of valuing natural and human capital the same as financial and manufacturing capital.

Says Shawn Keeley, who is organizing Lovins' talk on campus, "At a time when oil prices are continuing to escalate, we are truly fortunate to have Amory Lovins here to articulate his vision for ending our dependence on oil. Since the 1970s, Lovins has been at the cutting edge, developing energy policies and strategies that are better for our environment, foreign policy and wallets. Anyone with an interest in these topics should not miss this talk."

For more information on Lovins' work, visit or For more information on the talk, call Keeley at 288-5015, ext. 268.

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