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    These 5 Colleges are Green Year-Round, Not Just on Earth Day [USA Today]

    Instead of just pushing students to recycle and take shorter showers or use just one paper towel here and there, a number of schools have made deeper commitments to being green — including plans to cut down fossil fuel usage, increase spending on local and organic food and teach about sustainability.

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    COA Team in $20,000 Business Challenge
    [Re]Produce, a sustainable farm-surplus startup pioneered by Anita van Dam ’19 and Grace Burchard ’17, will compete in the 2017 University of Maine Business Challenge Finals.
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    Seeking Abundance After the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster [Babson Blogs]
    In 2016, a prototype college program based on College of the Atlantic was created on the island of Ōsakikamijima, Japan, with the first students designing the future college. The Human Ecology Lab in Ōsakikamijima was both a proof of concept and a demonstration of the ways that students could learn through community-based projects in sustainable energy, food systems, design thinking, entrepreneurship and community activism.


May 23rd, 2017

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    Native Bee Habitat Enhancement for Farmers & Gardeners

    4:00pm, Beech Hill Farm, Mount Desert COA’s Food & Farming Workshop Series brings pollination expert Eric Venturini to Beech Hill Farm for a workshop covering the role of native bees in crop pollination, the current “pollination crisis,” and strategies for managing habitat for improved bee pollination.