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    AP Exclusive: Deep-Sea Volcano a Hotspot for Mysterious Life

    An expedition to unexplored ocean depths by a team of scientists, including Conservation International Executive Vice President Greg Stone ’82, aims to produce valuable information regarding deep-sea ecology. 

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    The Ethics of Tide Pools: A Student Museum Exhibit
    Tyler Prest ’16 worked with Acadia National Park to create an exhibit in the COA George B. Dorr Museum of Natural History exploring the ethical dilemmas of managing the intertidal zone. His work is part of the museum’s new Acadia National Park Centennial exhibit, “Exploring Acadia: Our Best Classroom.”
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    What Whales Do at Night (Scientific American)
    Scott Kraus ’77, who has been studying right whales for more than 30 years, uses new night vision technologies to observe them, and has made new breakthrough discoveries about their nightly feeding patterns.