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    Opening to the World of Greater Learning
    The role that openness plays in the learning process and the unique educational philosophy embraced at College of the Atlantic are touched on by COA President Darron Collins ’92 as part of a holiday-themed Maine Public Radio series, “Voices of Giving.”
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    8 Colleges for Students Who’d Rather Be Outside (Men’s Journal)
    With its 350 students, two organic farms, and two offshore island research stations, College of the Atlantic is “the real deal” for students who want to live sustainably, not just talk about it.
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    Changing So what? to Aha!

    As deputy chief of interpretation at Acadia National Park, Christie Denzel Anastasia ’92, seeks to ensure that every visitor intersecting with the park has the best experience possible. What this means is that Christie spends a lot of time behind a computer so that the seventy-odd rangers, volunteers, interns, and partnership program staff she oversees can be outside, doing their jobs.


February 7th, 2017