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    This Ecologist Finds Clues to Anthropocene Survival in Ice Age Extinctions [VICE]
    2005 College of the Atlantic alumna Jacquelyn Gill’s interdisciplinary research on paleoenvironments and the socially engaged nature of her work are highlighted in VICE Motherboard’s Humans of the Year series.
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    2017’s Most Popular Content [American Scientist]
    Coming in at #3, College of the Atlantic W. H. Drury Professor of Ecology and Natural History John G.T. Anderson’s “Why Ecology Needs Natural History” argues that most theoretical breakthroughs are preceded by the kind of deep observational work that has fallen out of vogue in the past half century.
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    Research Offers Insight into Ecosystem Assembly Processes
    Discovering plant species crucial to rebuilding disturbed forests in Costa Rica while assisting with the creation of a research tool that could help conservationists restore endangered ecosystems worldwide is all in a days work for College of the Atlantic plant sciences professor Dr. Susan Letcher.