Getting here:

Arriving at COA was especially beautiful since I came in during the winter, and on the way here I got to see snow for the first time ever in my life. It was magical! Although it did wear off a bit since then, I still get happy every time we get a snow day.


Piano, Writing Seminar I, Introduction to the Legal Process, Learning a Language on Your Own, Voyages and Gender, Nature and Politics in Folk and Fairytales.

Favorite class:

There are a couple classes that I am taking this spring that are simply great. Voyages is a literature class focused on the idea of voyaging, and we explore the most amazing books. I also love that there is a writing component to it, and the in class reports of the students’ voyages are always amazing and heartwarming. 

Another class that I am taking is Gender, Nature and Politics in Folk and Fairytales of the World. The discussions on this class are always interesting and challenging, and fairytales can be as awful as they can be enchanting. It is interesting to see different versions of classic tales, as well as it is impressive to look into the deeper meanings that they have. The professor is amazing, and one of my favourite members of the faculty.

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Coming from a such a large city like Sao Paulo, coming here was a huge change. I absolutely adore MDI and Bar Harbor specifically. The people are very nice and friendly, and I love being able to bike around without fearing about my safety.