When I first came to COA, I knew that I wanted to study marine biology, and environmental science. With a degree as open-ended as human ecology, I was afraid to stray far from my world of lab practicals and hefty textbooks. However, after taking the core course with the theater teacher, my thoughts on this school’s flexible-education system quickly changed.

I came to COA to expand and strengthen my knowledge. Why should this be limited to one subject? Since then, I have taken marine biology, ecology natural history, chemistry II, intro to the legal process, and I am currently learning the piano! 

Favorite class:

Marine Biology is an incredibly hands-on (gloves on) class. If you are the kind of person who loves snorkeling in refreshingly cold Atlantic water, identifying slimy seaweeds and squishy inter-tidal organisms, dissecting deep sea fish or tromping through clam-infested mud flats, this is the right course for you. 


Life on Mount Desert Island:

Mount Desert Island is the most unique place. The trees are constantly changing colours, the park demands exploration, the night sky is always bright, and our little campus is in the center of it all. Bar Harbor is a quaint little town with the cutest dogs, the tastiest seafood, and the friendliest people.