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ernie mcmullenErnest McMullen grew up in the small town of Vanport on the banks of the Ohio River in Western Pa. His earliest memories are of the atmospheric light and panoramic sweep of the river as it cut through the foothills. This landscape, with its luminous vistas and mysterious, ever-changing moods, etched itself into his consciousness and profoundly shaped him as an artist. After high school, he spent four years as an electronic warfare specialist in the USAF, primarily in the culturally rich city of Wuerzburg, West Germany, the location of the worlds largest fresco, Tieopolo's magnificent 'Apollo and the Continents.' Gazing up at Tieopolo's majestic light-filled sky, he determined to devote his life to painting.

Following his time in the military, he studied at the University of Maryland, the Portland Museum School, and Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. He moved to Down East Maine to set up a studio in 1968. Before he was able to devote himself exclusively to painting, his passion for landscape in all its aspects led to a number of published projects in solar architecture, landscape design, and architectural scale garden vessels. In 2001 he was chosen by Richard Estes to show alongside of him in the Maine Center for Contemporary Arts' 50th anniversary show. He is a founding member of the Arts and Design faculty at College of the Atlantic.

University of Maryland
Portland Museum School
Portland State University, 1965–1970

Courses Taught

AD1010Ceramics I

This course is a mixture of design theory, critique, and actual production of pottery.  Class time is divided between handbuilding, including pinch, coil, and slab techniques, and the fundamentals of wheel-thrown pottery.  Assignments are occasionally supplemented by in-class discussion of the previous week's work.  Six hand-built and twenty wheel-thrown works are required, with reviews taking place during week five and week ten.

Level:  Introductory.  Offered every year.  Class limit: 16.  Lab fee $95.  Meets the following degree requirements: ADS

AD4011Life Drawing

This course attempts to create a reasonable fusion of technical accuracy and creative expression.  Each student is encouraged to develop his or her own style and mode of expression through the use of varied media such as pencil, charcoal, collage, and paint in both color and black and white.  Two class critiques are scheduled during the term.  Evaluations are based on progress made and overall quality of each student's portfolio.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.  Prerequisite:  Previous studio art course or signature of instructor based on review of portfolio.  Offered every year.  Class Size: 16.  Lab fee $75.  Meets the following degree requirements: ADS

AD2010Problems in Painting: Techniques, Skills and Vision

This course deals with the problems encountered in the development of the student's personal voice in painting.  Emphasis is placed on encouraging students to develop the techniques, compositional and color sense, and thematic consistency necessary to the development of self-assured artistic sensibility.  Evaluations are based on the student's artistic output as well as his or her devotion to the learning process.

Level: Introductory/Intermediate.  Prerequisites:  Two-dimensional Design I or other drawing course or portfolio review.  Offered every other year.  Class limit: 12.  Lab fee: $175.  Meets the following degree requirements: ADS

AD1015Two-Dimensional Design I

This course is designed to give a basic working knowledge of visual language.  Areas covered include:  point, line, plane, volume, shape, size, texture, direction, space, and representation.  Pencil, charcoal, ink, and collage are used extensively.  The class period is divided into critique and work sessions with the major emphasis being placed on the group learning aspects of the critique.  Twenty problems are assigned during the term with three to four days to complete each assignment.  This course or its equivalent is a prerequisite for future work in arts and design.

Level:  Introductory.  Offered every winter.  Class limit 20.  Lab fee: $75.  Meets the following degree requirements: ADS