Contemplative Practices

Within the health & wellness offerings at COA, we strive to create an atmosphere and offer practices that encourage and nurture a student's authenticity, while they search for meaning and purpose in their own existence and experience.

Through yoga, meditation and other contemplative practices, students have an opportunity to develop greater self reflection; to make connections between concern for our social/natural communities and care of the soul; to explore their personal challenges; to balance their inner needs with the rest of the world; and to deepen trust in their own inherent worth and resiliency.

Fall 2014 SCHEDULE

SoulFlow Yoga with Heather Murray '95
Tuesdays, 4:10-5:35 pm, Gates Community Center
September 16, 30; October 7, 21; and November 4
Heather's class is a mix of steady Vinyasa Flow Yoga to strengthen and engage the body and mind, mixed with mindful alignment and the occasional Yin or restorative posture to drop you into a deeper place of stillness. You can expect to be challenged, but always with a big dose of laughter, beautiful music accompaniment and encouragement to find a place that respects your intelligent edge. This class is for all and will include movement with the breath, as well as opportunities for stillness and meditation. Heather feels that yoga is simply the expansion of our ability to feel and experience each moment as fully, as it is, and is excited to share her take on the practice with the COA community. Mats and props are available in Gates, but you can also feel free to bring your own.

Mindful Flow Yoga with Dennis Kiley
Tuesdays, 4:10-5:25 pm, Gates Community Center
September 23; October 14, 28; and November 11, 18
This class offers something for people with all levels of yoga experience. It is a flow class that integrates asanas, breathwork, meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Each class is an inquiry into connecting with our bodies, opening our hearts and quieting our minds. The emphasis on flow is as much on accessing the internal experience of flow as it is what we're doing with our bodies. As we move our bodies and explore our edges, we learn how to rest in a place that is already at peace and still. By practicing yoga on the mat with mindfulness, we learn how to live with awareness and presence off the mate in the postures of our lives. Mats and props are available in Gates, but you can also feel free to bring your own.

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