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"More than a course of study, it is an approach to education that is interdisciplinary, in which all areas of study are seen in relationship to each other" Princeton Review | Best 371 Colleges, 2010 edition

Princeton Review

COA has been recognized in Princeton Review's annual best college volume for years, this year is no different. Not only do we place among the nation's top schools, says Princeton Review, we're also generous. Here are some of the ways Princeton Review ranked us:

  • #3 Most Politically Active Students
  • #11 Class Discussions Encouraged
  • #18 Best Campus Food
  • #20 Great Financial Aid

The narrative offers these additional comments: "'COA is a very close-knit community' where 'inter-personal relationships with staff, faculty, and administration' flourish. Students eagerly sing the praises of their professors: 'an eclectic and brilliant group of people' who are 'extremely accessible.' And this availability isn't limited to normal workday hours. One junior told us that it's quite common for professors 'to give out their home phone numbers.'" Furthermore, "no one cheats, students are friendly" and there's "great food on campus."

Only about 15 percent of four-year colleges in the United States and two Canadian colleges were chosen for the 2010 edition of Princeton Review's college guide, which offers student survey-based ranking lists of the top-20 colleges in 62 categories.

US News & World Reports

  • #3 for international students of all liberal arts schools
  • #6 for small classes of all liberal arts schools

For the fifth year in a row, College of the Atlantic stands among the top schools in the nation for its small classes and international student body, according to US News & World Reports' 2010 edition of "America's Best Colleges." Among the essential criteria US News & World Reports lists for judging schools is small classes. With 90 percent of its classes under 20 students, COA is #6 among all liberal arts schools for the kind of intimate class where discussions abound.

COA's high percentage of international students places it as #3 among liberal arts schools for global diversity. Currently, 16 percent of our students hail from outside the United States. The diversity of background, nationality and culture in the student body create a vibrant dynamic of multiple perspectives, skills, insights and styles on campus.

The magazine also praises COA as one of its "A+ schools for B students," described in the magazine as "first-rate colleges with strong reputations" admitting students who may not be first-rate test takers.