Campus Security

The COA Public Safety Department is a small, effective, student service oriented department.  The goal of the Public Safety Department is to ensure that those who use the college facilities feel safe in doing so.  The night watchmen are available to assist students seven nights a week for everything from room lockouts to escorting students from the library to a residence hall across campus.  The department organizes a night shuttle that runs from 7:30 - 11:30 p.m. each evening, transporting students between campus and downtown Bar Harbor. 

 In order to comply with the Campus Security Act, the college is required to publicly report all campus crimes.  These reports are compiled in conjunction with the Bar Harbor Police Department and can be found online

In an emergency

Dial 911 to access local police, ambulance and fire emergency services. From COA phones, remember to dial 9 first for an outside line. Please call the COA Emergency Line (288-9001) immediately afterward so that the Director of Campus Safety can coordinate with local emergency services. From on campus, dial x333 to reach the COA Emergency Line.

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