Alumni Profiles

Nikhit D'Sa '06

Graduate Student, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Nikhit D'saWhere did you grow up?
Mumbai, India

Where do you live now?
Boston, Massachusetts

What was your senior project?
"Relating the MBTI to the DIT: Does a College Student's Personality Type Affect Their Postconventional Moral Reasoning Ability?"

What's your current job?
After a year-long Watson Fellowship, I enrolled in graduate school. I have my MA from Columbia Teacher's College thanks to a Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship. I am currently pursuing an Ed.D. at Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

What do you want to make sure people know about your time at COA?
COA left me intoxicated with its unique nature. I would one day like to work at a place like COA where people consider the community to be family. A place where staff, faculty, and students battle it out in a soccer game, where a tug-o-war versus the staff and faculty brings the senior class together like nothing else, where philosophies that are celebrated--like small size, educational freedom, community decision-making, and interdisciplinary academics--become the very ideas that are constantly challenged and reevaluated for the better.

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