Alumni Speaker Series

To enrich both the academic and co-curricular programs of the college, graduates are invited to come speak on campus in the Alumni Speaker Series: Human Ecology in Action. Current students are inspired as they hear directly from alumni applying a COA education in the wider world.  As alumni speakers share tales about their work and the path that led them there, it serves a valuable role in educating this generation of students. 

Past Speakers: spring 2011

Thursday, May 5 — Greg Rainoff '81
7 p.m. McCormick Lecture Hall
"El Muro"

Greg Rainoff will screen and discuss his film El Muro.  The documentary shows the human and environmental consequences of the border fence between Playas and San Ysidro. Migrants, deportees, minutemen, coyotes, environmentalists, writers, and academics all lend their experience and perspective in terms of human rights, democracy, NAFTA, globalization, and the destruction of the Tijuana estuary.

Friday, May 20 — Jody Kemmerer '02
4:30 p.m. McCormick Lecture Hall
"Sky Dancer"

Jody Kemmerer’s documentary, Sky Dancer, is a film about the daily life and teachings of one of Tibetan Buddhism’s great female masters.  Q&A will follow the screening.  In addition to film making, Jody is also the founder of the Tibetan Women’s Health Initiative, a program aimed at lowering the high mortality among new mothers and infants in Tibet.

Thursday, April 28 — Justin Huston '99
"Our Coast: The future of coastal management in Nova Scotia" 

Justin Huston works with Department of Fisheries and Oceans, in Halifax, Nova Scotia and chairs Nova Scotia’s Provincial Oceans Network, a body responsible for the development and implementation of a 10-year Coastal Strategy, the first-of-its kind in Canada.

In his talk, Justin will discuss the various issues that are driving government to take action, and provide an overview of the new approach to coastal management that is being considered in Nova Scotia. 

Past Speakers: Fall and Winter TERMS

Tuesday, February 8 — Cait Unites ’03
"Condoms, Contraceptives and Coca-Cola: The human ecology of public health"


Tuesday November 16 — Tawanda Chabikwa '07
"Baobabs in Heaven"

Tawanda Chabikwa will read from his recently published novel, Baobabs in Heaven, which reflects his experiences of both rural and urban Zimbabwe.

Wednesday, September 22 — Rohan Chitrakar '04
Rohan was director of photography on this documentary film exploring traditional life of the Innu community of Labrador, Canada. 

Become an Alumni Speaker

If you are interested in visiting campus in this role, or have recommendations for alumni speakers, please share this information with Dianne Clendaniel, or 207-801-5624.  We welcome you to come hear these presentations too!

The 2009–2010 COA Alumni Speaker Series was made possible by a grant from COA graduates Skip '83 and Becky Buyers-Basso '81.

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