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Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Maine (VHS)

A 24-minute educational film written and produced by naturalist Tom Fernald, this field guide on film tells the story of Allied Whale, College of the Atlantic’s marine mammal research laboratory, and presents information learned during twenty years of marine mammal research in the Gulf of Maine. It features exciting and exclusive color footage of the commonly seen species of whales and seals, photographed from whale watching boats and on Allied Whale research expeditions.

Many teachers use “Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Maine” and Whale Adoption Packets to personally involve their students in marine mammal conservation. All proceeds directly support marine mammal research at the College of the Atlantic. 

$8.50 (shipping and handling included)

Allied Whale Guide to Marine Mammals of the North Atlantic

This waterproof folding guide features detailed scaled images of all marine mammals currently known to inhabit the North Atlantic Ocean. It depicts marine mammal life from warm Caribbean waters, the Atlantic coasts of North America, Central America, Europe and Northwest Africa and the open ocean.

This comprehensive guide also contains information on important topics such as marine mammal diversity and conservation, and provides tips for identifying marine mammals based on visible anatomy and behaviors. The perfect companion for a whale watching trip! Images by Pieter Arend Folkens. 2006.

$8.50 (shipping and handling included)

Whale adoptions

Fin Whale and Humpback Whale Adoptions are available here.