Antarctic Humpback Whale Catalogue


The Antarctic Humpback Whale Catalogue is an international project investigating movements of humpback whales between the Southern Ocean and lower latitude waters. The Catalogue presently contains over 5,300 individual whales, identified by photographs of the ventral side of the fluke (tail) and/or of dorsal fin and flank.

It is the result of collaboration between scientists, naturalists and tourists who have contributed photographs of humpbacks from regions including east and west coasts of South America, Africa and Australia, as well as New Zealand, various archipelagos within Oceania, and all sectors of the Southern Ocean. The Catalogue is supported by the International Whaling Commission (I.W.C.); since 1985 it has been curated by College of the Atlantic's marine mammal research group, Allied Whale.

Access to Catalogue

Contributors to the on-line Catalogue may choose to make their photos accessible to the general public, or to restrict access to fellow contributors. Contributors are provided a user name and password which allows access to the contributor-only database. This site provides search access to both the public and private databases. It is our hope that this web site will enhance collaborative work among researchers in their efforts to learn more about southern hemisphere humpback whales.

Data Privacy

Submitted photographs will be catalogued and archived. No other data will be available on the site. Your name and contact information will be released to those requesting further information.

Submission of photographs

If you would like to submit photographs to the Catalogue, contact Judy Allen at

All photographs and data are copyrighted to the contributing organizations and individuals, and may not be used or reproduced without permission.

Logo designed by Eddie Munoz and Adam Dau. Top photo by Rick Lichtenhan; center photo by Birgit Freybe Bateman; bottom photo by Candy Yin-Yee Tang.