COA’s emphasis on field research, independent study, interdisciplinary thinking, and internships helps our graduates to become leaders and decision-makers wherever they go. Within one year of graduation, 22% of COA alumni have gone on to graduate school and 65% are working at a job in their field. Our graduates are marine biologists, composers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, organic farmers, artists, writers, social workers, doctors, veterinarians, molecular geneticists, professors, and public policy experts, among so many other things.

Graduate school

55% of graduates go on to advanced study at the Masters or Doctoral level. The most common universities where COA graduates have gone on to pursue advanced degrees between 2010 and 2015 include: American University, Boston University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Duke University, Harvard University, Northeastern University, Tufts University, University of California system, University of Copenhagen, and Yale University.

Alumni careers

22% Natural Science
17% Arts and Design
17% Education
16% Administration, Business, and Computer Technology
14% Social Services, Government, and Law
10% Health
4% Other

Alumni in the news

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    Making A Difference: A Sustainable Career (Green Living)
    Want to make a difference and help save the planet? How about getting paid to do it? For some it’s only a dream. But for some college graduates, like “eco-hero” Shan Burson ’83, it’s a dream come true.
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    The Ears and Eyes of American Music
    Aaron Lewis ’05 takes down-home American music across the ocean, with his Corn Potato String Band. Why the name? “We’re the ears and eyes of America.”
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    Waste is a Verb: The Odyssey of Lisa Bjerke ’13, MPhil ’16
    Lisa Bjerke ’13, MPhil ’16 is transforming how COA thinks about what and how we dispose. Waste, she says, is a verb; not a noun.
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    Mozambique Sustenance
    Helena Shilomboleni ’09 is completing her PhD in the social and ecological sustainability of food systems at Canada’s University of Waterloo, examining food security in Mozambique through two local organizations.