Student Publications

Off the WallOff The Wall is COA's student newspaper, available on Issuu. It generally comes out three times a term, and is filled with a range of reporting and creative writing, mostly from the student segment of the community, but with special guest appearances by others. For questions, submissions, or ideas, email the publications committee.

Off the Wall has a long and storied history, beginning with posts that were on the wall. A messageboard of notes, ideas, comments, etc., when COA was a bit newer and smaller.

Eventually, these posts got taken off the wall and mimeographed (remember that!) into an unedited newspaper that was distributed to the community. This morphed into an edited paper, eventually called The Insider, which in its last incarnation was printed on newsprint. More recently, students brought back Off the Wall as a kind of zine; for a while, submissions that would have been directed to OTW were published online as Humjournal (see below). But now OTW is back. It is published online, distributed to campus email as a pdf, and limited copies (so as to preserve our beautiful forests) are printed and found in Take-A-Break and Deering Common.

Edge of Eden is COA's creative journal. While it is frequently a traditional magazine-type volume, it has been a poster, a cd, a scroll and possibly more. In 2012, plans are to make it a publication and an event. In whatever form it appears, Edge of Eden gets produced each spring, courtesy of the publications committee and COA creativity. 

Each spring, too, seniors collect their photos into a volume of images known as Collaborative Portraits, a meaningful, visual yearbook.

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