Degree Requirements

Requirements for the B.A. degree in Human Ecology

To receive a Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology, students must complete 36 credits, 18 of which must be earned at College of the Atlantic (COA), and students must be enrolled for a minimum of six terms as either a  full- or part-time student..

The normal full-time annual load is nine credits — three credits in each of three 10-week terms. One COA credit unit is the equivalent of 3 1/3 semester hours. Therefore nine COA credits = 30 semester hours.

All entering students must take:

  • the human ecology core course
  • a history course
  • a writing course
  • a quantitative reasoning course
  • at least two courses from each of the three resource areas (environmental sciences, human studies, and arts and design)

In addition to the course work, students must fulfill several other degree requirements: community service, internship, writing portfolio, human ecology essay, and final project.

Courses that fulfill resource area and other requirements are indicated by starred codes in the course catalog:

*AD* = Arts and Design
*ED* = Educational Studies
*ES* = Environmental Sciences
*HS* = Human Studies
*HY* = History
*QR* = Quantitative Reasoning
*WF* = Writing-Focused
*W* = Writing

Please note that while pages on the website contain accurate descriptions of degree requirements, they do not give the complete sets of policies that govern the fulfillment of these requirements. For this information, please request a copy of the course catalog from the Registrar's Office.


Full text of academic programs and policies section of the course catalog available here (pdf).

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