Alumni Admission Volunteer

What is an Admission Volunteer?

COA alumni have a first-person understanding of the distinctive education offered at College of the Atlantic, so who better to assist the Office of Admission in attracting future human ecologists?

Admission volunteers provide personal contact and advice to prospective students as they navigate the admission process. In addition, volunteers are spread across the globe, thus able to reach more candidates.

If you are interested in representing COA at college fairs, interviewing applicants and/or conversing with prospective students and their parents, please contact Andrew Moulton at, 207-801-5644, or fill out the Admission Volunteer form.

Getting Started

Thank you to those who are helping the Admission Office with its ongoing efforts to recruit bright, passionate and creative students! We understand that COA may have gone through a few changes since you were last here. To that end, we have compiled some information that will be helpful to you as you speak with prospective students.

We value your time, and appreciate the energy that you will put into connecting with interested high school students and in representing College of the Atlantic. This page is meant to be a guide to help reacquaint you with the community; however, we encourage you to surf the entire COA website.

As you know, College of the Atlantic is a unique school, and is certainly not for everyone. To read how we in Admissions attempt to explain COA, as well as discovering why other high school seniors elected to come here, visit the Our Students section of the website.

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