2015–2016 Academic Calendar

Spring term 2016

March 27: Residence halls reopen
March 28: Classes begin
April 8–9: Board of Trustees meeting
April 22: Certification of Degree Requirements form due
May 2-6: Registration for FA-16
May 27: Senior Project completed
June 3: Classes end, senior presentations to the board
June 3–4: Board of Trustees meeting
June 4: Commencement

2016–2017 Academic Calendar

Start of year and orientation activities

August 17–27: OOPs leader training
August 21–26: RA training
August 24–25: New international students arrive
August 26–27: Two-day mandatory international student orientation
August 28: OOPs participants arrive
August 29: OOPs trips depart
September 3: OOPs trips return, registration for campus orientation
September 4–7: On-campus orientation
September 7: Convocation, opening of the academic year activities
September 8: Fall term classes begin

Fall term 2016

September 7: Convocation, 1pm
September 8: Classes begin
September 29–October2: Fall Fly-In for prospective students
October 7–8: Board of Trustees meeting
October 7–10: Parent & Family Weekend, Alumni Weekend
October 10–11: Fall Open House for prospective students
October 17–21: Registration for winter term 2017
October 21: Human Ecology Essay draft due
October TBA: Faculty retreat (no classes)
November 18: Classes end

Winter term 2017

January 2: Residence halls reopen
January 3: Classes start
January TBA: Board of Trustees meeting
February 6–10: Registration for spring term 2017
February 17: Final signed Human Ecology Essay due
March 10: Classes end

Spring term 2017

March 26: Residence halls reopen
March 27: Classes start
April TBA: Board of Trustees meeting
April TBA: Certification of Degree Requirements form due
May 1–5: Registration for fall term 2017
May 26: Senior Project completed
June 2: Classes end, senior presentations to the board
June 3: Commencement

2017–2018 Academic Calendar

Fall term 2017

September 6: Convocation
September 7: Classes start
November 17: Classes end

Winter term 2018

Jan 8: Classes start
March 16: Classes end

Spring term 2018

April 2: Classes start
June 8: Classes end
June 9: Commencement

2018–2019 Academic Calendar

Fall term 2018

September 5: Convocation
September 6: Classes start
November 16: Classes end

Winter term 2019

Jan 7: Classes start
March 15: Classes end

Spring term 2019

April 1: Classes start
June 7: Classes end
June 8: Commencement